5 Interesting Hobbies that Make Money

Hobbies that make money seem to be a growing trend within the current economy we live. From the student making a few extra dollars when he walks the neighbors’ dogs to the senior using her creative knack to reupholster discarded furniture, folks are finding significant revenue at the ends of their hobbies’ rainbows. Hobbies that […]

Best To Do List App: Wunderlist

The best to do list app in my world of work continues to be the Wunderlist app. My day job is filled with hundreds of tasks and immediate next steps as I work to strategically frame, build and implement the comprehensive integrated marketing plans for my clients.  I cannot afford for a single item to […]

Blogger Outreach Specialist

A blogger outreach specialist is a key role that many companies need to promote their product and service offerings. Since many companies have no idea how to work with bloggers, you have a great opportunity to become that connection point with companies and a select group of blogger influencers. Managers and directors within various industries […]

Having Faith: Faith in Jesus

Having faith as a layman of scripture, I really enjoy those moments of discovery when the image of biblical truth becomes even more clear to me.  One of those encounters occurred when I recently skimmed my twitter feed, and I stumbled upon a friend’s quote and link to the Helwys Society Forum where Martin Luther’s beautiful description of […]

Things To Be Thankful For

Even when a perfectly scheduled day-trip spirals into an overnight stay in the wintery Windy City A seamless air travel itinerary that operates as scheduled can still generate stress within some people.  Interrupt their regularly scheduled programs with delays or cancellations; an array of behavior will appear. I recently experienced my own perfect storm in […]