dc Talk Reunion Tour: Are You Going?

dc Talk reunion “Jesus Freak 20 Years Later Tour” Are you going? Rumors of a dc Talk reunion tour have periodically passed among the many fans since the group took their indefinite hiatus in the early 2000s. However in recent months, I have noticed an increase in the frequency and number of mentions that Toby, […]

Giving Up For Lent

Giving up for Lent is something I have never considered doing. My wife and I already exercise periodic times of fasting and specific prayer during the year. So, why the special focus from us during this season of Lent? Answers. We seek answers and some direction. Giving Up for Lent Giving up something of great value […]

Character of God

The character of God typically becomes a topic of culture’s conversation during provocative or “suffering” news events.  The Christian community will voice opinions of who we think God is and who He is not.  Then, others who acknowledge His existence present other ideas sourced deep within their own realities. All viewpoints centered on the why; […]

Brand Identity: What’s Your Favorite Color?

“What’s your favorite color?” our enthusiastic preschooler asks for the third time within the past hour.  His weekly field trip to the library’s Storytime and the Rainbow Bus inspires him.  Our replies cause him to smile and enthusiastically respond, “Mine is blue!”  Then, he joyfully heads on his way to join his Toy Story friends […]