5 Interesting Hobbies that Make Money

Hobbies that make money seem to be a growing trend within the current economy we live. From the student making a few extra dollars when he walks the neighbors’ dogs to the senior using her creative knack to reupholster discarded furniture, folks are finding significant revenue at the ends of their hobbies’ rainbows.

Hobbies that Make Money

Shopping:  Secret shopper is a great way to earn some extra cash. Recently, I shared information about GIGWALK. This free app for smartphones has already generated $45 for me a few months ago. I simply had to visit a few stores during my Saturday errands to photograph damaged cans of Red Bull and then to inventory the Red Bull products on the shelves.  Within 36 hours of my uploading the information to Gigwalk, I received $40 into my account. Not bad for an hour of work.

Pets:  I had no idea that people could actually make money walking another family’s dog. If you enjoy time with pets, you could be an appointment away from adding hundreds of dollars to your monthly budget.  Whether you choose to charge $10 per walk or up to $20 per night when you pet sit overnight, you have a great side job business opportunity when you care for another’s pet.  In the busyness of life, many pet owners at one time or another have found themselves scrambling to locate a temporary homes for their pets to stay when impromptu out-of-town business suddenly calls.  Your pet sitting business would be a great service to them and a nice revenue generator for you.

Baking is a business that I really , really enjoy..as a consumer. I love homemade goodies. For the baker inside you, you should consider experimenting by offering unique baked goods during your local small fairs, fundraiser events, etc.  You could focus your work toward a speciic niche (i.e. creative children’s birthday parties) and your business could boom!  At present, my family is searching for a baker to create a Captain America themed birthday cake for our soon-to-be 3yr old. Any takers?

Crafts: People are gifted in creative ways.  A personal friend and her husband’s furniture transformation business is a wonderful example how someone has taken her love to create to transform another’s discarded scraps into a high-end furniture pieces. From crocheting to hand-designing jewelry, a crafty hobby is an opportunity to you to employ your hobby to make money.

Photography:  Finding your photography niche can become the winning move to your successful home-based photography business.  Armed with camera in hand and an eye for that unique shot, many people are successfully able to transition their photography hobby into a substantial revenue stream that can include using istockphoto.com to post their beautiful stock photography, freelancing as a wedding/baby photographer, or even teaching classes about how to start a home-based business by simply using their camera in hand.

The challenge for us:  Think about the hobbies we enjoy and then explore ways to earn money from them.  Please keep us posted on your progress!