Best To Do List App: Wunderlist

The best to do list app in my world of work continues to be the Wunderlist app.

My day job is filled with hundreds of tasks and immediate next steps as I work to strategically frame, build and implement the comprehensive integrated marketing plans for my clients.  I cannot afford for a single item to fall through the crack.  I need the best to do list app, a task manager that minimizes the work needed to manage the management of tasks; and instead, a task scheduler that permits me to actually work to complete the tasks.

Wunderlist app is the best to do list app I have found to date. A few years ago, I stumbled upon the free Wunderlist app, and it has become my go-to resource that is sure to help organize your life with efficiency.

Back Story
Just as recently as four years ago, I used paper and pen to document my clients’ tasks.

I remember those periodic nights that I would suddenly awaken from sleep as I realized that I had failed to add task to the montrous to-do list at the office.  In order to return to sleep, I would have to get up and leave either voicemail or email reminders for me at the office.  Then upon arriving to the office the next morning, I would immediately begin by dictating my own messages into actionable entries within the growing master to-do list document.

I needed a task manager or task scheduler that could make the process much more efficient, so I could actually work to complete the tasks.

Wunderlist was a such great discovery for me and my work!  Finally, a task management tool that I could access and update directly from my smartphone.


Best To Do List App: Wunderlist (How I Use It)

The below screenshot displays the basic approach that I take to use the Wunderlist app:

Best To Do App: Wunderlist

    1. Create Account list [click “+ Add to list…] located at the bottom, left side of the image
    2. Within the Account area, I then add specific “steps” to be completed.

      For example, the image I provide shows Client A and these next steps:

      Logo Comps
      Marketing Concepts
      Media Plan
      Marketing Plan

    3. Within these steps, I then will add the multiple subtasks that I need to complete along with specific Due Date & Reminder that I would like to set.  (see the “Marketing Plan” display within Right side of image)
    4. The Wunderlist app will then permit me to easily make changes to my entries, reorder the steps and subtasks.
    5. My favorite function of the Wunderlist app?  The check box.  When I check that little box, the task moves to the bottom “Completed” section and away from my view, so I may immediately focus on the next task in queue.

The Wunderlist app is the best to do list app for me.  From my managing multiple entertainment clients’ social media campaigns to my keeping a global non-profit’s integrated marketing campaign on schedule, Wunderlist continues to receive my vote of confidence.

What’s the best to do list app that you’re using to organize your life?

RodneyDBowen says:

Thanks so much, Albert! I am constantly exploring and researching free helps to my project management. I’ll make plans to check out proofhub

Albert pinto says:

For to-do’s there is no need to use separate tool, all your project management needs will fulfill under single roof i.e

Hey Rodney,

Thanks so much for the write up and sharing how you use Wunderlist – it’s great to hear it firsthand 🙂

Oh and @bradpoel:disqus, we’d love to help you be more productive with Wunderlist. If you have any questions, need a little help, or just wanna chat, tweet us @Wunderlist.

Brad Poel says:

I’ve been wanting a good, comprehensive task manager lately! I’m tired of using a combo of reminders (iPhone), iCal, Evernote and Highrise… Time to consolidate. I considered Nozbe, recommended by Michael Hyatt, but it’s not free, so I haven’t committed yet. So I appreciate your recommendation of Wunderlist. I want a web-based task manager with companion app. I’ll definitely give this a try. In fact, I just signed up!

Thanks, Rodney!