Blogger Outreach Specialist

A blogger outreach specialist is a key role that many companies need to promote their product and service offerings. Since many companies have no idea how to work with bloggers, you have a great opportunity to become that connection point with companies and a select group of blogger influencers.

Managers and directors within various industries are trying to figure out how to work with bloggers.  For those trying to create their own blogger outreach efforts, they quickly discover the challenges and much time that is needed.  Unfortunately, they soon tend to realize the commitment is not as profitable as they had hoped, so they simply stop.  They close the chapter on that potential opportunity.

Similarly, bloggers are challenged because they would like to help companies to promote their products.  They simply do not know how to connect and then work with the brand managers.

A blogger outreach specialist is key to bridge the gap between the companies and  bloggers.  He understands the value in working alongside a select group of blog writers and then knows how to connect them with interested companies.

A blogger outreach specialist ensures both parties are mutually benefited by the relationship.  

Blogger Outreach Specialist Example

The blogger outreach specialist introduces the opportunity for the company to access the specialist’s blogger influencers to promote the product or service.  His approach is to present the company with a specific campaign approach that details the information and specifics, such as:

  • provide the bloggers a sample of the promoted product(s) along with the brand values, messaging and specific goals you desire to achieve.
  • share key messaging along with the specific blogger asks, such as requesting the blogger:
    • post a photo of the item on their social media channels (Facebook, instagram, etc.)
    • share the company’s pinterest art within the bloggers’ pinterest boards (along with similar products)
    • write a blog post about similar product items and feature the company’s product within the post
    • provide an online giveaway with a second product that the company provides the blogger
    • etc.

Blogger Outreach Specialist Opportunity

A great opportunity exists for a blogger outreach specialist  to focus within the select product niche.  From the communities of fashion bloggers, food bloggers, faith-based bloggers and more, your opportunity to connect your specific niche bloggers to companies and their brands will be critical to the success of your blogger business.  This micro focus provides you to own your virtual space to become the specialist with select blogger influencers.  

When you create a PR friendly blogger outreach, you become a great resource for companies in need of your help to connect them with a list of quality bloggers.


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