Giving Tuesday Can Make a Difference for Your Non-profit

Giving Tuesday is December 2, 2014.

As we will soon close the month of June, we know the reality that Christmas is right around the corner.  With the thought that we are possibly only a few days away from spotting the first Christmas product hit the store shelves, I already find myself thinking about the year end and all that I’d like to do before closing this year.

What about you?  Any plans that you’d like to accomplish before the curtain call on 2014?

What about your organization?  All year-end fundraising efforts finalized?

Is Giving Tuesday included in your plans?

What is #GivingTuesday?
#GivingTuesday refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in November.  The event was launched in 2012 to establish a day to celebrate the opportunity of charitable giving during the Christmas shopping season.

The many lives and the well being of those dependent upon non-profits and ministries rely on us to give.  For some non-profits, 2014 may become the year efforts are drastically downsized; or in some cases, the non-profits may need to close their doors due to limited funds.

Giving Tuesday Can Make a Difference for Organization

  1. Begin now.  You have five months to plan your #GivingTuesday fundraising strategy. You and your team need to begin discussing your year-end goals and the specific ways that you may integrate #GivingTuesday into your plans.
  2. Enlist your donors. Encourage your donors to become your fundraisers. Your donors truly want to help. Organizations should think of ways that your donors can become your local-market fundraisers. When you finalize your #GivingTuesday plans, you should consider sharing the plans and ideas with your targeted list of donors.  The donors can then be encouraged to help share the word within their circles of influence.

    One donor enlistment example that generated huge fundraising results occurred last year for one of my acquaintances.  She had engaged her her circle of influence among key church leaders related to her non-profit during the #GivingTuesday event.  That day, she witnessed her circle influence of friends, family and colleagues begin to share the news.  From her efforts, the non-profit she represented was able to raise thousands of dollars simply by encouraging each person to give and then to encourage others to do the same, who encouraged even others.

  3. Determine your communication & messaging.  After you have solidified your #GivingTuesday plans, you need to finalize the communication and messaging that will inspire your constituents toward the common goal, such as:

    a. Funding a new scholarship to your faith-based collegiate institution
    b. Supporting a capital campaign to renovate an auditorium to become the new venue for your events
    c. Encouraging your current and new donors to become monthly donors, who contribute 42% more in one-year than one-time donors

    Within your communication and messaging, please consider creating tools for your donor-fundraisers to use to share with their connections, such as:

    a.  specific graphical assets for your social media outreach, facebook, Twitter, pinterest, etc.  shareable graphics, videos, info graphics
    b.  user generated video that integrates your key advocates briefly sharing why they give to your organization

  4. Find matching donors & sponsors. Donor-matching works well to encourage your donors see the added bonus in their donations when funds are matched by an anonymous donor.  The sense of urgency created from a donor-match is also very effective in motivating donors to give, so the anonymous donor may double the funds being raised.
  5. Consider an affiliate opportunity. Did you know there are organizations that provide an affiliate commission to non-profits and ministries for every product sale the donors’ constituents make from the dedicated, online storefront?

    Last year, the United Methodist Church denomination created an online store ( that featured popular online retailers, which generated anywhere from 2% to almost 5% commission or every dollar purchased through the online store.  The church’s members were already planning to do much of their shopping from the many retailers featured within the store, such as:  Amazon, Travelocity, 1800flowers, etc. When the church leadership began to promote the UMCmarket storefront, thousands of church members began to make their purchases.

    Millions of dollars were raised on #GivingTuesday with many of those dollars coming from this affiliate commission from the UMCmarket sales.Could your organization do something similar?

    Let’s just think about it for moment, your donors are likely already shopping at these online stores.  If you could aggregate them into a single storefront, promote the online store of giving to your constituents and then encourage them to share with their circles.If this is something that you think you would like to review and consdier for your organization, please feel free to visit for details how you can set up a similar online storefront for your organization’s fundraising efforts this year.

Giving Tuesday is December 2, 2014.  How can Giving Tuesday make a difference in your non-profit?

#GivingTuesday Resources: