How to Make Money with Gigwalk at $40/hour

How to make money with Gigwalk?  Last weekend, I decided to give Gigwalk a test drive.  Today, I have $40 in my pocket to prove it works, and the process works very easily and efficiently.

Gigwalk is a very cool, free smartphone application that lets you search your area for gigs to complete in exchange for a little compensation.  The app does well to connect on-the-spot temporary workers with the brands who are looking to ensure their products are positioned well in your local market stores.  I like to describe the app as a secret shopper tool that features quick work needing to be completed within five days.  The work can range from your snapping photos of a restaurant to your counting and photographing a physical inventory of damaged beverage cans the shelves within your local retailers.

How to Make Money with Gigwalk

  1. Download the free Gigwalk smartphone app
  2. Search the available Gigs in your area
  3. Apply for those that most interest you
  4. Gigwalk confirms when you’ve been approved
  5. Complete and submit your work.

My favorite part of the process was to choose available gigs that were to occur within the stores that I was already planning to visit.  Another perk, the app provides a step-by-step submission form within the app.  This really helped me make sure I worked within the parameters of my temporary employer.

My Assignment:
As a consumer of Red Bull, I was immediately drawn to those gigs that involved my actually taking inventory of any damaged Red Bull cans on the local stores’ shelves.  So, I applied for five “Red Bull” gigs within five local stores with each paying $8/completed gig.

My assignment:
1] photograph the storefront,
2] photograph any damaged cans and their serial numbers;
3] inventory the number of cans on the shelf;
4] submit.

In all, the process took ten minutes per store.

Within 36 hours of submitting my work to Gigwalk, I received a $40 deposit into my PayPal account.  That’s not bad for an hour of of work!