How to Make More Money? Start a Drop-ship Business

Are you looking for ways how to make more money?  Start a drop-ship business!

Drop shipping is a great way to sell physical products, which you personally do not even touch.  As the middleman between the wholesaler and the end customer, you simply make the sale, and then the supplier ships the product directly to your buyer.  There is no inventory for you to manage.  

Wholesalers and manufacturers are in the business to sell their products.  From a storefront retailer to an online niche website that draws thousands of visitors a month, a product sale is revenue.  Revenue keeps a business in business.

The beauty of a drop-ship business is that you get paid to help wholesalers and manufacturers sell their items.  Whenever you receive an order, you collect the money and then forward the order and the wholesale payment to your vendor.  You keep the difference, and the company then ships the product to the customer on your behalf.

Many families are finding their drop ship businesses are making great contributions to their  family’s monthly budgets.

How to Make More Money with a Drop Ship Business?

  1. Find a product or product category that you want to sell.
  2. Research, interview and select the supplier who will drop-ship for you.
    1. Google search the product name and “drop ship”, “wholesale”, distributor”, “resell” to find potential vendors
    2. A few online search options may include:
      1. Wholesale Central: Directory of wholesalers and wholesale products
      2. Doba: Drop shipping marketplace ($59.95/month membership)
      3. SaleHoo: Online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional retailers ($67/year membership)
      4. Other drop-ship suppliers
  3. Advertise the product for sale on eBay or Amazon to get started.
  4. Confirm with your supplier when the product sells
  5. Follow up with your new customer after the sale.

No inventory required.  When your online store is hosted by eBay or Amazon, you further reduce your financial risk since you only have to pay each of the services fees since your customers pay for shipping.


  1. Select products within a unique niche and then find suppliers who are interest in your becoming their drop ship partner. (i.e. backyard Chicken coops, etc.)
  2. Partner with a local work-at-home individual who is creating unique items and that needs your help to sell their products.  Become the trusted, online sales and marketing channel for her and then grow your business with other home-based businesses in your region.

Please remember to select a product that you have genuine interest in selling!

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Juan says:

my sister run dropship business from Facebook. I kind of weird for me at the first time. Now, she able to make money just from home and I’m kind a little bit jealous when she can make money without to be a hard worker like me when I’m must do 8-5pm

RodneyDBowen says:

Thanks so much for your comment, Juan!

I understand how working the 8-5pm can seem such a burden when others around me get to enjoy the work of a flexible schedule. I’m currently in the process of trying to figure out how I can develop a work-at-home/flexible work opportunity to support my family AND provide me more time with my family. Dropship business seems like a definite possibility for me. I just need to figure out which product/products to focus on and then find a wholesaler. Continuing my search….

Talk soon!