NerdyData Improves Marketing Efficiencies

Marketing efficiencies is something I am constantly looking to improve.  As a marketer, I am regularly looking for new and useful tools to become more productive in the work that I do.  After all, time is money.

NerdyData Can Improve Your Marketing Efficiencies

NerdyData is a recent discovery of mine; and although I am still testing the functionality of this free software, I believe I have found a great resource that really helps to improve the efficiencies of my digital marketing and SEO efforts.

While other search engines only search the text of a web page, NerdyData’s free software is capable of searching within the actual programming code built within the billions of websites on the Internet.  This microscopic view of a website’s programming code provides a more thorough search option for digital marketers, who must survey and evaluate the digital landscape for their brands’ optimum positioning and placement.

Improved Marketing Efficiencies include:

  • Competitive Research:  NerdyData makes competitive research even easier for marketers looking to find online mentions of the competition. Since the software searches the actual code of the website, a competitor’s name can be found in the text of the website page, website URLs, alt tag text of photos, schema code, and any other mentions that their website owners have placed within the website’s programming code.

Affiliate code:   A special bonus within NerdyData’s search option is the ability to enter an competitor’s affiliate code to discover potential affiliate partners for your clients’ affiliate programs.

  • Search Engine Optimizaion (Keyword Research):  I am really excited to see NerdyData’s ability to provide a quick glance at the number of times a list of my targeted keywords is already being used by on the Internet.  Knowing this information, I can easily access and identify potential search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities where my brand’s product or service may fit as I work more efficiently to identify higher impressions, lower competitive options to integrate into my client’s SEO strategy.
  • Find Influencers:  By adding “author [insert name here]”, NerdyData permits users to search and find the writings from your targeted influencer or industry expert on the web.’s search results page also shows marketers how those websites integrate the keyword/phrase combinations, which further helps marketers:
    1. to identify those resources for your client to provide guest posts
    2. to determine new keyword and phrase combinations to consider in a keyword discovery exercise.
  • Social Media Search button permits users to track an influencer’s Twitter handle to see where your influencer’s twitter account has been quoted and mentioned.  The search query will also provide a results page that includes the list of websites that your influencer used his twitter handle to add an article comment.
  • Business Development:  If you are in the business of designing and developing WordPress websites, NerdyData’s search function is a great tool to help you easily find WordPress websites that may be operating with older versions of WordPress.  These sales leads can help you craft personalized messaging for these website owners, so you may more easily position your service offering to these potentially new business partners.


As I mentioned earlier in this article, I am still testing the use and functionality of NerdyData.  But already, I am finding great value in the information and data it provides me in my current world of work.

Please let me know if you choose to test drive the free software as well.  I am interested in hearing how NerdyData may work for you, too