Value of Family at Chick-fil-A

The value of family is very important to me.  I appreciate people whose actions communicate a genuine care for families. Have you ever participated in something first hand and watched your previous assumptions dissipate based on the reality of that experience? Since I have known my wife, she has had such a strong affinity for the Chick-fil-A […]

The Fear of Being Exposed

The fear of being exposed is woven deeply in us. Even as Christians, we put on masks to cover that which we do not want the world to see.  We are not perfect.  We stumble.  We sin, and we choose to hide that truth behind the artistry of our masks. What do we most fear […]

Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

How to use Google Analytics to Answer 5 Questions Critical to Your Success Good data is the foundation for making smart decisions. With complete and accurate analytics in hand, organizations become equipped to drive the continual improvements of their online experiences, so their audience and potential customers may have a better opportunity to achieve their […]