Having Faith: Faith in Jesus

Having faith as a layman of scripture, I really enjoy those moments of discovery when the image of biblical truth becomes even more clear to me.  One of those encounters occurred when I recently skimmed my twitter feed, and I stumbled upon a friend’s quote and link to the Helwys Society Forum where Martin Luther’s beautiful description of […]

Things To Be Thankful For

Even when a perfectly scheduled day-trip spirals into an overnight stay in the wintery Windy City A seamless air travel itinerary that operates as scheduled can still generate stress within some people.  Interrupt their regularly scheduled programs with delays or cancellations; an array of behavior will appear. I recently experienced my own perfect storm in […]

Starting a Blog: Who and Why?

Starting a blog:  Who and Why?  Yes, these two questions have been running through my mind for awhile. A few years ago, I launched a hobby blog that became a repository of work-at-home, home-based business ideas for my family and friends to review and consider.  A personal blog has just recently entered my mind as […]