Remembering my Dad on Father’s Day

In loving memory of my dad and best man, Happy Father’s Day

Today marks the second Father’s Day I am not able to call Dad and express my heartfelt appreciation for the many years of his faithful dedication and love to our family. My family members celebrate our loving memory of Dad today, and we are so thankful for the years of his and Mom’s life together that was filled with their faithfulness to our Lord, each other, and their children.

Twenty-three months ago, when Joni, Joel, and I left my parents’ home in Arkansas and headed back to our home in Tennessee, we had no idea what a wonderful gift that weekend had provided us. We had such a great time filled with many laughs with Dad and our family those few days.

Even as I captured the below tender video clip, Dad (“Papa Bowen”) and Joel taking a stroll through the backyard, I had no way of knowing that would be the final snapshot of life that I would have of Dad.

The image of Dad on the front porch watching as we waved goodbye from the car and started toward Nashville remains imprinted in my memory.  That moment was the last time we would see Dad with us. Seven short weeks later, Dad’s medical emergency occurred.

I miss him so much.

Today, I am trusting our Lord’s promise that every passing day is a day closer to our reunion in Heaven.

Remembering my Dad and Leaving a Eternal Legacy

As Joel’s daddy, I desire to instill a life example of faith, love, and value into my family like Dad did for me. I want to leave an eternal legacy, so Joel may one day receive and know that same hope of an eternal reunion.

As the many fond memories of my own family are captured during the year, a highlight occurred about one year ago. Our typical bedtime routine for Joel included a time of song and prayer as our little two-year old would lay on his bed and listen.  Joel surprised us that night when he sat up in bed while my wife and I kneeled beside him.  We watched him close his eyes and squeeze them together.  He gripped his hands together to pray.  Then, with a smile, he bellowed his little voice to join us for the first time as we sang:

Lord, You are more precious than silver;

Lord, You are more costly than gold;

Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds;

And nothing I desire compares with You.*

Such a beautiful moment that night.  Today, our little one is three years old and eagerly kneels beside his bed with us, so we may all sing and pray together before our bedtime. I am so thankful God chose me to be Joel’s ‘Daddy.’  My prayer is that our Lord will continue to inspire and draw Joel’s young and tender heart. My desire is that he will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ one day as well.

May the gift of today draw us all even closer to the power of our Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day!


* Lyrics by Lynn DeShazo

Brad Poel says:

Thanks for sharing this memory of yours, Rodney. …for reminding me to not take for granted my waning time on this earth with my father and the significance of the legacy I’m leaving with my own children.