Start Your Own WordPress Website in 5 Steps. I Really Enjoy Step #4.

Start your own WordPress website article comes out of my answer to many friends and associates. In my line of work and hobby, I have been asked many times to recommend how someone can easily create a new website and create it with little expense.

WordPress is a great way to do both. The WordPress platform has many widgets & plugin options that enable beginners to fashion a unique and personalized website that is customized specific to their hobbies and own businesses.  

Start Your Own WordPress Website in 5 Steps

1.  Visit to see if your desired name for the website is available.
If the .com is not available, you may want to consider adding a descriptor word like ‘the’ before your chosen name.  The .net and .org web address tags may also be worth considering, too. More and more people are beginning to use the .me tag for their personal websites and blogs, so you may want to go ahead and reserve that URL as well. pricing typically runs $9.99/year for most domain names.

2.  Purchase a hosting plan. A web host is basically the online place that you rent for your WordPress website to live. For me, I use Bluehost and can personally testify to the great customer service the company has provided to me.  I really appreciate having the instant message access to a customer service representative when I need a quick answer.  I have used other web hosts to date, Bluehost is my now favorite. The pricing here will run between $5.00-$7.00/month depending upon the length of the time period you choose.

Bluehost also helps you register your domain URL. So after you use GoDaddy to determine whether your web URL is available, you can head to Bluehost to complete the entire transaction:  Reserve URL & Purchase Web Hosting. So, if you’re interested in using Bluehost to set up your new website/blog, please click this Bluehost link  and then click the SIGN UP NOW button on their home page to get started.

Please Note: In addition to my being a satisfied Bluehost customer who honestly believes they offer the best hosting available, I am also a Bluehost affiliate, which means the company pays me a commission when someone signs up using one of my links.

3.  Install WordPress. After you have followed the prompts within Bluehost and have successfully purchased your web host, you will be prompted to install WordPress.  

4.  Select a Theme. And now the fun!  With Wordpress installed, you now get to select and upload the specific WordPress template (or theme) of your choice.  A theme is the basic look & feel of the site that you want to have (i.e. home page structure, colors, photos, etc.)

There are so many beautiful and highly functioning WordPress template options available to consider using for your new website.

You can easily use your web browser to search:
“Free WordPress responsive site themes” to find the web design that best fits your website. A responsive site theme is one that automatically configures your website to fit the screen of the user’s device accessing your site. Since most users will be experiencing a first impression of your site from their small smartphone screens, a responsive theme will work well to make the best first impression as it will auto-respond the the users screen and then properly fit your website into the user’s smartphone screen display, tablet computer and laptop computer screens.

5.  Begin to write.  This is step you’ve been waiting for.  You’ve got something to say, and now you have a platform to tell and show the world with beautiful imaging, graphics and more.  This new website is now the key to establishing your personalized web platform as an authority on your topic to your readers. 

Enjoy the journey!

Oh, and P.S. I love, love, love this theme! Great choice! 🙂

RodneyDBowen says:

Thanks! 🙂

Good tips, Rodney! I would also throw out that I have begun using to search for and purchase domains (I collect them, you know — LOL!). I think (and others have reported) that GoDaddy has some algorithms in place that keep track of what you search for. They then snatch them up so they can sell them at a premium price. Grr. So, I now typically circumnavigate GoDaddy whenever I can. 🙂

RodneyDBowen says:

Great recommendation, Mary! Thanks so much!