Starting a Blog: Who and Why?

Starting a blog:  Who and Why?  Yes, these two questions have been running through my mind for awhile.

A few years ago, I launched a hobby blog that became a repository of work-at-home, home-based business ideas for my family and friends to review and consider.  A personal blog has just recently entered my mind as something to seriously consider.  

As a forty-something Christian husband and father who has become so busy in the day-to-day of life, I keep returning to those two questions:

  • Who am  I to start a blog?  Who would read it?
  • Why start a blog that only a handful of people will ever read?

At my core, I am most motivated to help and to encourage others.  Whatever direction this journal takes, I know I must keep those two anchors that exist within me in place.

To help.  To encourage.

Starting a Blog

So, here I am sitting at my kitchen table, typing…starting a blog.  This blog – a journal of a sorts will contain my thoughtful perspective on a variety of topics that form the life I live:

  • Christian Faith
  • Family
  • Work (business, marketing, entrepreneur & home-based business)
  • Life

I really want to hear from you during this process.  Please make plans to share your perspective, your comments as well.  Together, we can partner to discuss thoughtful perspectives and intentional pursuits within this forum with goals to help and to encourage our readers within these areas as well.

More to come.

Excited you’ve stepped out with this new endeavor! I’ll be here, reading along, friend! 🙂

RodneyDBowen says:

Thanks so much!

Brad Poel says:

It’s never to late… I applaud you for launching your blog, Rodney! Excited to read and engage with your posts, incites, discoveries and encouragements.

RodneyDBowen says:

Thanks so much, Brad!