Why Have I Been So Tired This Year? | Bowen Family Update

[What a great little helper as we prepare for our foster care placement tonight.]


2015 has been an eventful year for my family.

In February 2015, I launched my own company (BowenDigital.com).  Though the year has included much work with a few work days beginning at 3:30am in order to just meet the work demands in queue for the day, I am so very thankful that the year has included a good amount of business for my new venture.

In late March 2015, our family received our first foster care placement:  a sweet 15-month old, who arrived to our home immediately after her hospital discharge.  The course of the year saw our hearts open even more to enjoy this little one in our home.

And then in April 2015, the roller coaster and numerous fire drills in our foster care situation began to rock our world.  And even now, month later, the system and process determine the future placement of the dear little one still in our care continues to keep us on our toes.

Yes, it continues to be an eventful year for our blessed little family.

I love my family.  I am grateful for my loving wife, who exhibits a godly love as she cares for ‘Baby C’ as if she was our very own.  I am proud to watch our son unconditionally accept his baby foster sister into his life as well.

We are unsure at this point where ‘Baby C’s case will take us.  In the now, we are simply thankful to be able to serve her, to care for her, and to provide for her a loving and caring home.