Tools for All Types of Marketing Strategies: Creating that Perfect Post

Tools for All Types of Marketing Strategies is a series on my blog that I use to share new marketing tools I have discovered that can work for all types of marketing strategies.

With the ever changing world of social media marketing, the work of a social media strategist could easily become a full-time job in just staying up-to-speed on all the nuances and changing occurring within an individual platforms.  Combined with those changes, Social media marketing strategists have a lot of work to do to effectively and efficiently manage a client’s channels.

This week, I discovered the below infographic from that offers some guidelines for creating that perfect post on your brand’s blog, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.  I trust this will become a great reference tool for you as you work to engage your growing social media audience.

Highlights for Creating that Perfect Post:


  • Keep your posts positive in nature.  On this platform, “positivity breeds engagement and sharing,” states My Clever Agency.
  • Share beautiful and compelling images as well as links to pertinent resources
  • Initiate a dialogue that creates conversations with your audience
  • Think MOBILE!  A key reminder, 80-85% of your fans will see posts on their phone, so please plan to use simple images that will be easily seen on mobile devices.  Helpful hint:  Attach the images to the post in order to provide the best, largest image view to your community members.  Then, you may add description/link within that posted image.


  • Provide clear call-to-actions, so your readers know what you want them to do
  • Add high quality graphics and images
  • Create posts that:
    • avoid abbreviations and all caps
    • include shortened your urls
    • ask questions
    • provide facts and figures that will engage viewers and encourage your audience to retweet
  • Leave 20 characters available when you post, so people can retweet your tweet


  • Focus on images with NO human faces.  “images with no human faces get shared 23% more often than those with human faces,” according to My Clever Agency.
  • Test posts with red or orange colors and watch how the number of your repines will increase
  • Use compelling backgrounds that do not take up more than 40% of your image
  • Share vertical images, which perform better than horizontally oriented images (perfect ratio:  2:3 and 4:5)


  • Post publicly as well as to your specific circles
  • Tag any brands and people, who will be notified when your post is live
  • Add relevant tags to your posts to increase discoverability
  • Attach full-sized images (800×600 px) will make your posts stand out on the page comared to tiny images and link thumbnails


  • Feature the subject of the photo in only ⅔ of the screen.  This will create a more attractive image.
  • Use relevant photo captions to grab the attention of people
  • Include questions to drive audience comments
  • Determine if a current hashtag is applicable to increase the discoverability of your post


How to create the perfect social media post

How to create the perfect social media post is an infographic that was produced by mycleveragency


What tools have you discovered this week?

Brad Poel says:

Great post, Rodney! Thanks for all the practical tips! Wasn’t aware of this tip with Pinterest re. sharable images: ‘Focus on images with NO human faces.’